We had a great time on Saturday admiring all the pasta bridges and then pushing them to their limits. Congratulations to everyone that participated; we look forward to doing this again next year. The Results were as follows:

Pre-K -2nd grade

1st place- Caleb

3rd-4th grade

1st place: The Lasagna Lovers (Garfield 3rd grade)

2nd place: Tank Bros. (Garfield 3rd grade)

3rd place: Sting Rays (Garfield 3rd grade)

Honorable Mention

Zebra Breakers (Garfield 3rd grade)

The Thunderbolts (Garfield 3rd grade)

Cool Vipers (Garfield 3rd grade)

Royals (Garfield 3rd grade)

The Four Builders (Garfield 3rd grade)

We’ve seen a lot of birthdays here at Curious Minds, but this one is special. The museum is officially 2 years old. Wow! Can you believe it; that’s old enough to go down the slide by itself. It’s been a great two years here in lovely downtown Parsons Kansas and we look forward to many more.

Thank You!