Join us at Curious Minds Discovery Zone for Toddler Time on Thursdays.  We read a book around 10:30 am followed by a craft/activity.  There is no extra cost for this event.

December Books:

  • December 3rd:  “Bear Stays Up For Christmas” by Karma Wilson
  • December 10th:  “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg
  • December 17th:  “Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas” by Jane O’Connor


It’s Fall


Fall is my favorite time of the year!  There is nothing better than stepping outside in the morning to the crisp cool air or to watch the chlorophyll break down the green color in leaves to reveal their yellow and orange colors.

To welcome fall CMDZ has created a “Fall Bucket List” where kids can complete groups of fall activities.  When you bring the bucket list into the museum for each group that is completed and signed that child will receive a prize and their name will be entered into a drawing for a Microlab microscope.  Stop by the museum to pick up your “Fall Bucket List” or you can view it on our event page.

Check out our calendar for our Friday Fall Bucket List events. Each Friday in October to November from 3:15-5:00 pm we will be completing one of the items off the bucket list.

Becky Falke

CMDZ director

From the Parsons Sun

Curious Minds adds new exhibits

By Colleen Williamson

Curious Minds Discovery Zone has received two new exhibits at its interactive children’s museum, making the need for a planned new facility even more paramount.

Curious Minds uses a city-owned building at 1810 Main, but the board wants to erect a larger building to expand on what the children’s museum can offer, including hands-on, outdoor activities. The city has donated an acre of land just south of Wal-Mart’s east entrance by Tolen Creek Park, which will also offer greater visibility as it is near the junction of U.S. 400 and U.S. 59 (16th Street).

Director of Curious Minds Becky Falke showed Tuesday a new Lite Brite exhibit donated by Bowen Pharmacy. The lighted peg board was installed inside a glow-in-the-dark area.

Courtesy of a donation from the Parsons Area Community Foundation helping with half the cost, the museum also bought an iPlay game, which projects images from above onto a special mat on the floor. When kids step, hop, tap or run across the map, they interact with the objects projected. For example, babies seem to be fascinated with crawling through a pool of balls, making them scatter. Children can step on mice, which operates in a similar fashion to the hand-held Whack-A-Mole game, except they use their feet. Children also can play ice hockey, soccer and three other games.

“It’s proven very popular, even with the little kids,” Falke said. “Generally, when they come to the camps, they ask if we can turn it on. I have to tell them, ‘Not until the camp is over.’”

Because the new iPlay exhibit required floor space, Falke said other exhibits were taken down to make room. It is not unusual for the museum to change and move exhibits around to provide new surroundings for children who may come to the museum more frequently, but Falke said she will be excited to move into the new 100-by-60-foot building, which will provide twice the amount of space as the current building.

The museum already draws families from communities all around Southeast Kansas, and with the expansion, it is expected to draw even more.

To support the museum in its daily operations, the board is hosting its third annual dinner and auction fundraiser. Tickets are being sold for the Aug. 22 event, A Night of Discovery, which will begin at 6 p.m. in the Labette Health Express Care building, 2100 Commercial Drive. Tickets cost $35 each or $600 for a table and must be bought in advance from a board member, at the museum or by contacting Falke at 778-2839. Dinner will be served buffet style. A D.J. and dancing will follow the dinner.

“We are also starting a building fund, so we need all the donations we can get,” Falke said.

Jurassic Museum!

Do you long for the good old days, roughly 200 million years ago?

Do ripples in a cup of water fill you with both excitement and terror?

Are you continually disappointed by the lack of Velociraptors in your rear-view mirror?

Then you need to come get your Dino fix at Curious Minds!

We have a replica T-Rex skull,


Dino posters, puzzles, models, and actual Mosasaurus teeth!

Yep, THAT Mosasaurus.

(Note: they were much smaller in real life)

Plus we have all the action and suspense your imagination can provide.

Jurassic Museum