Out of the Box Camp

We had a great time at camp this week. Campers created crafts from corrugated boxes. Crafts included making a spinner, alligator jaw, painting a cat or penguin and creating their own sculpture from cardboard squares. Campers then showed off their personal talents creating their own design from boxes and craft items.  Some their creations included a turtle shell, tank, party car and space ship.

Curious Minds would like to thank Walmart for donating the boxes for this week camp.


image image



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Closed for Father’s Day

To allow staff time with family, Curious Minds will be closed for Father’s Day.

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July and August Camps

Older kids camps at Curious Minds are about to maximum campers.  The two camps that have spots available are:  Minute to Win it and Emergency Services camp.  Contact Becky to register for these camps.

Summer Camp Flyer Website 2

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June Summer Camps

Update:  Registration for these camps are closed.  Camps are at maximum participants.  

Summer camps are filling up fast.  The June summer camps are now full.

June Summer Camp Flyer

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Lego City

This week we were excited to have Neodesha Kindergarten classes at the museum for a field trip.


During their visit we read the book “Block City” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  The story is about a boy who creates his own city out of blocks.  The students then become very creative, using our extra Legos they worked together to create a city for Ian and Lacey.  They were very imaginative with their creations.  There were buildings that were tall, short, skinny and fat.

Field Trip 8 compressed


Field Trip 33 compressed

Field Trip 31 compressed

They event made sure to provide transportation with cars, trains, and planes.

Field Trip 14 compressed

Field Trip 22 compressed

Field trips can be arranged for schools, scouting, church groups and home school students.  Contact the museum if you are interested in booking a field trip.


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Pasta Bridge Competition

We had some great entries in this year’s pasta bridge competition.  There was a total of 13 entries, with one individual entry and all others were composed of a team of builders.


2016 CMDZ Pasta Bridge Winners:

1st place:  Jayce (4th grade)

2nd place:  Raw Pastahh- Damais, Manaye, Kennedy, Dazara (3rd grade)

3rd place:  Iron Pigs- Conner, Aubree, Hunter, Chassis (3rd grade)



Thanks to all that participated.  We cannot wait to see next years bridges.

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Closing Update

The museum will be closed on Friday, March 4.  The carpet and walls are still drying out from the water leak. We will be open on Saturday, March 5.  So bring in your pasta bridge to be judged.


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CMDZ Closed

Due to a water leak from the upstairs apartment, CMDZ will be closed on Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th.  We are hoping to be open on Saturday during regular hours.


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Lego View- Week 2


Today Lacey has discovered the kitchen area of our museum.  Although the kitchen is still too big for Lacey it is sized just right for kids to explore and create a five course meal.  There is a sink where kids can pretend to wash the dishes or fill up a bucket to mop the floor.


DSC_0013 DSC_0014     DSC_0033

Pans are sized just right for the stove top to cook a vegetable stew of tomatoes and carrots.  For baking, Lacey can put cake pans into the oven and set the knobs to the correct temperature.



After visiting the store Lacey is able to put her groceries away into the refrigerator.  She has a great view of all of her sandwich ingredients.


There is so much to see here at Curious Minds and Ian or Lacey will show you a new area of the museum next week.


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Lego View- Week 1

New Year’s resolution:  create a new post each week.

So, I am a little late in getting started but, on a positive note I am only one month behind.

I am starting a new series of blog post to show off Curious Minds from the point of view of a Lego person.  Each week two of our Lego people will explore an area of our museum.

This week our Lego guy, let’s call him Ian, has found his way to the science area of our museum.


CMDZ Science Center

In this area Ian is able to use microscopes to view slides of different cells, from plants to fish scales.  To make things bigger he is also able to look at items with the magnifying glass.

Microscope  Microscope 2




Ian stays very calm as he stands next to a replica of a dinosaur head.  He is also able look at our dinosaur and shark teeth, fish vertebrae and fossilized sponge.

DSC_0073 (2)

We have two turtle shells that kids are able to pick up and hold.  One of them still has the turtle legs to look at.


We have lots of rocks from large to small for Ian to explore.   Compared to Ian some of our rocks are large enough to climb on.  Not only are there rocks but, we have a collection of seashells that can be picked up to examine.  Fun Fact:  Why can you hear an ocean in a sea shell?  It is the surrounding sounds outside the shell bouncing off the hard surface inside the shell creating echoes.  These echoes resemble the sound of waves splashing up onto a beach.




Check back next week to see what area of the museum Ian or Lacey has discovered.


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