Curious Minds Discovery Zone is a children’s museum founded on November 17, 2012, with the intent to bring education and entertainment opportunities to children in the Southeast Kansas Region. A hands-on approach to learning is encouraged to help children explore their world. The museum was founded by a group of parents that collaborated to bring our children learning opportunities by touching and exploring the exhibits.
Exhibits are constantly changing and being updated here at the museum so there’s always something new to discover. Currently our exhibits include a space walk, two tree houses, grocery store, play kitchen, woodworking workshop, Lego station, doctor’s office, dental office, science laboratory and EyePlay interactive projector. Children can also dress up in costumes or make arts and crafts to express their artistic side.
Our facility is available to host your events, such as birthdays and field trips, to create a fun and unique experience for children of all ages. We also provide many summer camps that cater to a variety of interests and age groups.
Curious Minds Discovery Zone is a 501 C 3 Charitable organization and is brought to the community by charitable donations from throughout the region.

Board Members:

Dan VanLeeuwen- President
Tracy Gilmore- Vice President
Rianna Kenkel- Secretary
Kirby Ray- Treasurer
Ben Cochran
Julie Legler
Dennis Wilson                                                                                                                                 Corey Wright

We may release our mailing list to other nonprofit organizations in our area as a way to show support for their cause.  If you do not wish for your name to be provided to other organizations, please let us know.